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Charleston Bachelorette Party Activities

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Bachelorette Party

We know that planning a Charleston bachelorette party trip can be complicated, especially when your friends have diverse interests. You will have plenty of options for activities with your friends in Charleston, as Charleston is one of the best destinations for bachelorette parties!

At MECCA LIMO SERVICE we want to help you with your planning, so below we’ve compiled a list of the best Charleston bachelorette party activities you can do in Charleston with your friends!

Why choose Charleston to do a Charleston bachelorette party?

  • Charleston is one of the best destinations for brides to celebrate their final days of singlehood.
  • During a Charleston bachelorette party, you can walk down King Street on a Friday night.
  • There you will see a large number of groups of girls, with matching outfits, sparkling crowns, and colorful scarves.
  • Charleston has beautiful beaches amidst this charming city and endless shopping, food and drink, and nightlife.‍

Learn to do some of the top Charleston bachelorette party activities which can help you create a schedule to have a fun bachelorette party on the weekend.

Charleston Bachelorette Party Activities

Trip to Folly Beach

  • Go to Folly Beach, one of the distinguished beaches of Charleston, and enjoy yourself and your friends having the most wonderful Charleston bachelorette party.
  • You can spend 5 hours under the wonderful sunshine.
  • With MECCA LIMO SERVICE leave all your worries behind as we will take care of you while transporting you from the airport to any location and taking you to the picturesque Folly Beach.
  • Say goodbye to headaches, traffic congestion, and the hassle of parking and carrying bags with the help of MECCA LIMO SERVICE.
  • During your Folly Beach cruise, you can visit the locals on America’s Edge and grab snacks and some of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks.

Taking photos during the Charleston Bachelorette party

  • One of the most important Charleston Bachelorette party activities is taking souvenir photos of you and your friends on King Street and Market Street during the day.
  • You can enjoy a photo session in different and amazing settings with backgrounds and monuments in the city of Charleston.

Walking tour during Charleston bachelorette party

  • You can take a fun walk around the city of Charleston and visit its historical landmarks with your friends.
  • You can also take souvenir photos at the most important historical landmarks and create a special album for yourself that reminds you of the Charleston bachelorette party.
  • You can also shop and buy a distinctive collection of silver or gold chains handmade by indigenous people.
  • You can rent a horse-drawn carriage and visit the most important ornate churches and distinguished gardens, where you can visit the Old Exchange and the Provost Dungeon.

Visit the bars during the Charleston Bachelorette party

  • On your visit to bars, you should prepare to taste the Bodega in one of the bars in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • You can listen to great music, dance the night away, and drink signature cocktails and original handcrafted wine.
Charleston Bachelorette Party Activities

Top hotels to stay during Charleston bachelorette party

    1. Wild Dunes Hotel

    • You can stay at the Wild Dunes Hotel and enjoy the fantastic swimming pools and bars inside.
    • The hotel overlooks Palm Island Beach. Rent chairs on the beach for you and your friends to spend a fun day.


    2. Tides Folly Beach

    • Choosing Tides Folly Beach is an excellent choice for you and your friends during the Charleston bachelorette party, as it contains a distinguished indoor restaurant, a swimming pool, and a bar.
    • There are also cabins directly on the beach that you can rent and spend an enjoyable day on the beach.


    3- Bennett Hotel

    • The hotel features a swimming pool located on the roof of the hotel, and you can take the most amazing souvenir photos from there.
    • The hotel is located just 15 minutes from Charleston Market.
    • The Bennett Hotel has a unique bar decorated with pink velvet.

    Best bars to visit during Charleston bachelorette party

    The most important bars in Charleston are located on Upper Market Street and King Street in the city center, considered one of the most wonderful areas in Charleston. The city center is in the south, where it is considered one of the most important areas for parties.


    1- Vintage lounge

    During the Charleston bachelorette party, you can enjoy the elegant and wonderful atmosphere, drink the best wine, and listen to soft music and dim lighting.


    2- Carolina’s Tiki Bar

    Visiting Carolina’s Tiki Bar is considered a unique and wonderful experience during the Charleston bachelorette party, as it gives you the beach atmosphere you are looking for and drinks tropical-themed cocktails.

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