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Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide

by | Jul 30, 2023 | Bachelorette Party

Charleston, South Carolina has become one of the best Charleston bachelorette party destinations and in this article, we will learn why, as it is a great place to experience true hospitality, see the distinctive architecture in rainbow colors and spend a vibrant night.

Charleston has some of the best beaches on the East Coast and trendy restaurants that serve delicious food, making this city a destination for all kinds of brides.

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If you’re planning a Charleston bachelorette party, continue reading this article to find out where to stay, what to do, and where to eat.


Why would you prefer a Charleston bachelorette party?


Charleston bachelorette party is done because all types of brides can be designed and enjoy the presence of luxury restaurants, and beaches, in addition to many activities that meet all the needs of travelers.

  • Beaches: If you want a weekend getaway and a fun time at the beach, Charleston is the perfect place, with beautiful white sandy beaches such as Folly Beach, Palms Beach, and Sullivan’s Island, where there will be many options such as enjoying the sun and surfing.
  • Food: There are the most delicious types of food that will be served at the Charleston bachelorette party, as many luxurious restaurants serve delicious food.
  • Spend a fun night hopping between poolside bars and rooftops to enjoy Charleston’s nightlife.
  • Going to King Street for shopping, as it contains the largest fashion designers and the best brands along the street.
  • You can visit Fort Sumter National Monument, an artificial island at the end of Charleston, where you can learn about the American Civil War and visit the Visitor Education Center’s museum.
  • You can go to the Magnolia Plantation, a farm established in 1676, and you can wander inside it and learn about the farm’s history.





Charleston bachelorette party

The best hotels to stay at during a Charleston bachelorette party

There are many distinctive hotels in Charleston that you can stay in during the Charleston bachelorette party, and it contains many rooftop swimming pools and international spas, and the best of these hotels are:

  • Bella Grace: This hotel is located in an amusement park, and while staying there you can explore Charleston on foot.
  • The Vendue: Enjoy the Charleston atmosphere at this hotel with its fantastic rooftop terrace.
  • Hotel Bennett Charleston: Close to the best restaurants and museums, this hotel is located in the Charleston Historic District.
  • John Rutledge House Inn: This hotel has 19 rooms, and modern yet traditional decor.
  • The Restoration: In this hotel, 5 people can stay in one room ranging in size from 1300 to 1500 square meters. It is one of the best hotels to spend a Charleston bachelorette party.

The best restaurants in Charleston

During the Charleston bachelorette party, you can go to the best restaurants that serve seafood and other foods at international standards, and the best of these restaurants are:

  • The Grocery: This restaurant contains the best foods, as it contains fresh seafood, and meat processed in the southern way.
  • FIG: This restaurant offers food full of soul and flavor, and is designed in a Lowcountry style.
  • The Ordinary: This restaurant offers high-end seafood, as it has been allocated a place called Southern seafood hall and oyster bar.
  • Magnolias: This restaurant was established in 1990 and managed by the great Chef Don Drake, who serves Southern cuisine with innovation.
  • Indaco: He did not prefer fast food. This restaurant serves pasta and other Italian dishes and pizza. It is one of the restaurants that offer the best Italian meals.


Charleston bachelorette party

How do you get to Charleston?

Charleston bachelorette party accommodations can be reached by direct flight from anywhere in the world or from any city in the United States.

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  • We will make your Charleston bachelorette party a day of dreams with special and unforgettable memories.

Itinerary during Charleston bachelorette party

1- The first day

  • Morning: After staying at the hotel, you can ride a horse-drawn carriage for a wonderful and unique tour and explore the city and spend the weekend, and you will begin to visit the historical places and many famous landmarks in Charleston.
  • Afternoon: You can resort to MECCA LIMO SERVICE and take you to Millers All Day Restaurant for an enjoyable breakfast and lunch, then go to King Street for those who love shopping and buying international brands.
  • In the evening: you can visit the pubs and taste the famous local drinks.

2- The second day

  • Morning: On the second morning of the Charleston bachelorette party, you can enjoy breakfast at your hotel.
  • Afternoon: You can go to Magnolia Restaurant for lunch where you can watch your food being cooked, and then you can go to a boat and enjoy a cruise.
  • Evening: going to The Grocery Restaurant for dinner, then going to Prohib Pub to dance with the most amazing band.
  • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel and prepare for a day of exploration.

3- The third day

  • Morning: You can skip breakfast at the hotel and go to one of the historic hotels in Charleston and eat a classic light meal.
  • Afternoon: With MECCA LIMO SERVICE you can go for a walk, visit gorgeous “secret” private gardens behind mansions in Charleston, and go to King Street again.
  • Evening: go to the Closed for Business restaurant, which is one of the distinguished restaurants that offer beer and bar food, and you can also go to the Pour House pub, which has the best band.

At the end of our article, we have provided you with the Charleston bachelorette party guide, and with MECCA LIMO SERVICE the trip will be more enjoyable and comfortable for easy transportation and spending quality time with the presence of luxurious and comfortable cars.


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