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Folly Beach to Charleston Guide

by | Jul 30, 2023 | Beach

At Folly Beach to Charleston, you can spend some time resting, relaxing, and soaking up the sun. Huge Folly Beach overlooks the Atlantic Ocean from the Western Isles 12 miles south of downtown Charleston, making it the perfect destination for a great day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here you can enjoy nature and surf, or head to the pier to sit and fish. The friendly atmosphere at Folly Beach also attracts a variety of travelers, as families tend to visit the beach, while adults prefer travelers without children Gathering in the many bars scattered throughout the place.


Getting to know Folly Beach to Charleston

  • Folly Beach to Charleston is a popular destination for Charleston locals and newcomers alike, as the wide beach is good for sunbathing, playing volleyball, and relaxing in the sun (or under an umbrella), and the waves are big enough to attract surfers and dancers most days of the week.
  • While Folly Beach to Charleston is family-friendly, it also has great nightlife; Whether planning a day at the beach, spring break, or summer vacation, you can plan a trip to suit your needs and personal needs.
  • In addition to the bars and restaurants on the beach, there are also some hotels near the beach, in addition to restrooms and showers.
  • It is also possible to sit away from the beach in the many casual restaurants, such as Taco Boy and Lost Dog Cafe.
  • Recent visitors describe the sand at Folly Beach as clean, and many said they found a variety of seashells, taking a walk along the beach as fun as a treasure hunt.


Folly Beach to Charleston Guide

Parking at Folly Beach to Charleston

  • Folly Beach to Charleston has free or paid parking spaces:
    • If you want to get free parking, it will be difficult in seasons and busy times such as spring season and weekends.
    • At Folly Beach to Charleston, there are 2 main rules when parking on the street for free signage must be watched, parallel parking along the street, and 4 tires in the sand.
    • At Folly Beach Pier there is a paid car park. There are also many car parks and the parking fee varies according to the season.

Breakfast, lunch, and coffee

  • Folly Beach to Charleston has a range of good places for breakfast, lunch, and coffee.
  • Tides Folly Beach and BLU Beach Bar and Grille have restaurants that serve good breakfast and lunch.
  • You can ask locals for the best breakfast and lunch spots in Folly Beach to Charleston such as Lost Dog Café.

Other restaurants where you can have lunch and dinner are:

    • Planet Follywood.
    • Snapper Jacks.
    • Loggerhead’s Beach Grill.
    • The Crab Shack.
    • Alfredo’s On Folly.

How to get to the public beach?

  • Many roads lead from Folly Beach to Charleston, where the public beach is located along the oceanfront.
  • The corner of W. 3rd Street and W. Arctic Ave are key points to get to Folly Beach Pier.
  • They also have public bathrooms and outdoor showers, and a short distance away you will find free parking spaces.
  • Through the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve, Folly Beach County Park you can access the public beach.

Folly Beach County has a very large parking lot, but it can get crowded at noon.

Top points of interest at Folly Beach to Charleston

    In addition to the beach, there are many points of interest that you can enjoy while visiting Folly Beach in Charleston:

    • You can go and enjoy the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve where you can see the Morris Island Lighthouse on foot.
    • You can also go to the Folly River Boat Ramp to enjoy the sunset by watching the sunset and enjoying walking on the recently developed Folly Beach pier.

    You can also enjoy and have fun at Folly Beach to Charleston through:

    • Go to BLU Restaurant or Pier 101 for lunch or dinner on the waterfront.
    • You can walk on the beach and eat ice cream.
    • You can rent a surfboard on the beach and surf.
    • There are permanent nets on the beach. You can play volleyball there.
    • You can paddle in the river valley by renting a kayak.
    • You can go cycling in Folly Beach.
      Folly Beach to Charleston Guide

      What are the top Folly Beach to Charleston hotels?

      There is only one hotel, Tides Folly Beach, which is a centrally located premium hotel with premium rooms overlooking the waterfront.

      There are chalets that you can rent all over Folly Island, and prices vary between chalets depending on their location and ocean views.

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