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What to do at Charleston bachelorette party

by | Aug 17, 2023 | Bachelorette Party

Spending a Charleston bachelorette party is a unique experience for visiting historical places in Charleston, one of the most prominent cities in South Carolina, as it is famous for its ancient architecture and history, in addition to its gardens and landscapes.

Where Charleston is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and the city has won many awards as an ideal destination for family vacations, and Charleston is characterized by the atmosphere of the Old South with aristocratic homes surrounded by lush trees, and it is also considered a visit to the historic area with its roofed mansions and church towers High-rises and horse-drawn carriages are a journey through time.

Charleston’s attractions also include farms, museums, and an aquarium, so it is a distinctive destination for a Charleston bachelorette party.


Top places to stay during Charleston bachelorette party

  • You can stay at the following hotels during your Charleston bachelorette party

    1- Hampton Inn Charleston

    • During the Charleston bachelorette party, you can stay at the Hampton Inn Charleston, which features antebellum architecture, plus there are great shops in the historic (King Street District) right outside the hotel.
    • The hotel is located in downtown Charleston, next to the Charleston Museum.
    • Wake up to a free hot breakfast at the Hampton, then explore the farms, 18th-century churches, and Charleston City Market within walking distance of the hotel.

    2- Middleton Place Hotel

    • The hotel is located near Middleton Place, a National Historic Landmark.
    • During the Charleston bachelorette party, amenities such as horseback riding and kayaking can be enjoyed while at the hotel.
    • There are 55 guest rooms all blending into the surroundings of tall pines and live oaks with simple earthy architecture.
    • Relax by looking out from the floor-to-ceiling windows, seasonal wood-burning fireplaces, and hardwood floors during the Charleston bachelorette party.

    3- Belmond Hotel

    • The hotel is located in Charleston, steps away from famous homes, museums, and churches, so it is one of the best hotels to stay in during the Charleston bachelorette party.
    • The hotel has world-class luxury amenities including the Clubhouse rooftop pool and a private bungalow located on the top two floors.
    • The hotel has several award-winning restaurants, which you can try during the Charleston bachelorette party.





What to do at Charleston bachelorette party

Parking at Folly Beach to Charleston

  • During the Charleston bachelorette party, you can visit the following restaurants and enjoy the taste of their special meals:

    1- Halls Chophouse Restaurant

    • It is an upscale American restaurant that serves excellent steaks and fresh seafood dishes, as well as special desserts, and has an innovative decor that is in line with old-world steakhouses.
    • It is the newest restaurant in the heart of King Street where you can have the best meals during Charleston bachelorette party.

    2- 82 Queen Restaurant

    • The restaurant’s seasonal menus feature authentic Lowcountry fare such as shrimp and grits, and the award-winning Jambalaya Lowcountry Crab Soup.
    • Enjoy lunch, dinner, and brunch during a Charleston bachelorette party in the 19th-century dining rooms, or in the heated brick courtyard under a southern magnolia tree.

    How to get to the public beach?

    • 1- James Island County Park

      • During the Charleston bachelorette party, you can visit James Island County Park, as it is a special place to spend a summer day, as it is suitable for all family members. 

      2- Historic trolley tour of Charleston

      • You can enjoy the history of Charleston that goes back more than 300 years during the Charleston bachelorette party through a horse-drawn carriage in the city of Charleston. p
      • You can also see the main landmarks of the city’s past, including the period dating back to the Civil War era.

      3- Sunset boat cruise

      • Charleston, the most prominent city in South Carolina, can be seen directly from the water during this historic trip during the Charleston bachelorette party, so it is a wonderful trip for first-time visitors.

      4- Kayak tour

      • A kayaking tour of Charleston’s Folly Creek is the perfect way to get out of the city and explore the Lowcountry swamps during a Charleston bachelorette party.
      • Watch the weeds as you meander slowly through the saltwater estuary and spot the dolphins, pelicans, and loggerhead turtles that make the area home.

    Top points of interest at Folly Beach to Charleston

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      What to do at Charleston bachelorette party

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